How Do I Organise My Long-Term Storage?

man pushing storage boxes into a long term self storage unit
man pushing storage boxes into a long term self storage unit

Generally, organising long-term storage can be a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping your items organised and easily accessible. Whether you’re storing belongings during a move, downsizing, or simply decluttering, efficient organisation is key to maximising your storage space. In this post, we’ll share valuable tips to help you organise your long-term storage and maintain a streamlined and clutter-free storage experience.

Create an Inventory to Keep Organised

Before moving items into long-term storage, take the time to plan and create an inventory. Categorise your belongings into different groups, such as furniture, appliances, documents, or seasonal items. Create a detailed list or use a storage inventory app to keep track of what you have stored. This will help you easily locate specific items when needed and prevent unnecessary searching and frustration.

woman writing an inventory list on a stack of boxes

Create a Detailed Labelling System

Clear and detailed labelling is essential to easily retrieve items from long-term storage. Use waterproof printed labels or marker pens to label each container or box with its contents. Additionally, sort your labels into groups and add them to your master inventory list. This provides a quick reference when you need to locate specific items. Updating the list whenever you add or remove items will help you stay on top of everything.

Use Uniform Storage Containers

Investing in high-quality storage containers that are sturdy and uniform in size can really make a difference in your storage unit. It’s best to opt for plastic containers with lids that provide protection from dust and potential moisture. Some are available with wheels attached, which is great for manoeuvring within your unit. Using uniform containers makes it easier to stack and maximise your storage space. Label each container clearly to identify its contents, and consider colour-coding for categories or using numbered labels.

plastic storage boxes stacked up in rows

Create an Efficient Layout

When organising your storage unit, consider accessibility and create an efficient layout. Place frequently needed items toward the front of the unit for easy access. Leave aisles between rows of boxes and furniture to provide clear pathways within the storage unit. Be mindful of weight distribution and avoid over stacking one area to prevent potential damage. You can chat with us to determine what size unit would work best for you to ensure you make the most out of your space. We offer units from as little as 40 sq. ft to 160 sq. ft. Take a look at our storage options to help in your decision.

Utilise Shelving and Pallets

Maximise your storage space by utilising shelving units and pallets. Shelving units can provide additional vertical storage for smaller items and help keep them organised. All outdoor units at WJB provide dry, clean and weatherproof storage, but using pallets to elevate your belongings off the ground, allows for better airflow. By utilising these tools, you allow for more floor space and protect your stored items.

Preserve Delicate Items

If you’re storing delicate or fragile items, take extra precautions to protect them. Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap and packing paper to cushion them during storage. Consider using wardrobe boxes and bags for clothing to maintain their shape. Place fragile items toward the top of stacks or in a dedicated area to prevent accidental damage. Properly packaging delicate items ensures their longevity and minimises the risk of damage.

person wrapping delicate items ready to be packed into self storage

Regularly Review and Maintain

Long-term storage requires frequent review and maintenance to ensure continued organisation and efficiency. Scheduling regular visits to your storage unit to assess the condition of your belongings and determine if any items can be removed or donated. This only needs to be done a few times a year. Regular maintenance will help you keep track of changes and prevent unnecessary accumulation of unused items.

Organising long-term storage doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these tips from us, you can transform your storage unit into a well-organised space that allows for easy retrieval and efficient use of your stored items. Proper planning is key to maintaining a clutter-free and organised long-term storage experience. With WJB Storage as your reliable storage partner, you can trust that your belongings will be safe and sound. Get in touch with our friendly team, we’d be happy to help and offer advice.